As my instagram followers may know, I have been away in Beautiful New Orleans for the past 10 days celebrating Halloween.  This was a much needed rest as on Oct 16th my beautiful and dear fur friend passed away.

I have not deactivated the “Sorry I am slow and since I am Canadian, I have to apologize for everything coupon” yet so if you want to save a few bucks I am leaving it active for the next couple of days while I pick and pack orders.

I am still mourning the loss of Mauser, leaving home for awhile helped but now that I am back I feel his absence. In the first few days that he passed I could not bring myself to do much, and having no control of the situation frustrated me to no end. I ended up making an incense blend in his honour to help my grieving process and to help carry him to his next plane. This incense blend was a private one I was not going to sell but my friend told me I should as other people could also use it to honour their beloved fur families.

Other then that I don’t have much to report. Stay tuned on the site for my Minnaloushe Incense Blend.minnaloushe-incense


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