Fast Luck Loaded Vigil

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This candle is burned to bring fast luck and prosperity to you. The green wax portion is for good luck & money while the yellow sections draws the luck quickly.

Spell candles are a great way for giving you an edge to what you want to bring into your life. That being said I don’t personally find them effective for things like lotteries where you are competing with thousands of people. You have to remember that everyone is basically doing witchcraft when they “wish” for something, and everyone who is buying a lottery ticket is basically casting a spell to win it by hoping and wishing to win. So yes it gives you an edge but it’s not going to give you an edge against 8000 other spells. I recommend these type of candles to be used more for gambling at slots or at bingo or to just bring more luck into your life. 

They are also great for people who have run into shit times and feel as though all their luck is gone. Burn to bring about a quick boost. <3

Comes fully loaded & ready to use, please leave your petition & what you desire as the candle will be customized to your situation.

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Candle Customization:


Burn during the next waxing moon in 15 minute increments, or seven days straight.

Never blow out vigils as that is like blowing away your spell. Pinch out or place a dish on top of the candle to let it go out.

2 1/2″ Wide and 8 1/4″ Tall
This candle will burn approximately 140 hours.

Additional information

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 20 × 7 × 7 cm

1 review for Fast Luck Loaded Vigil

  1. thejessieyang (verified owner)

    Beautiful candle…can’t wait to work with it!

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