Bottle Spell Money Drawing

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Alleged to to increase your income and lead you to a better life. It can be used to draw money to you or your business, increase wealth and bring prosperity. Burn candles on top of this bottle daily to help draw financial success & money. Kick your magic up a notch by dressing the candle with our Money Draw Oil!

Mini Bottle Spell, Painted, fixed with all contents, candle, petition paper, and consecrated on The Witch’s altar.
Comes with instructions on how to preform your spell.

May not be exactly as shown all bottles are handmade, unique, and will vary on bottle availability.

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Bottle Magic consists of spells sealed inside the bottle, it is a versatile and powerful form of spell work which has been done for hundreds of years. Believed to be an extremely powerful magic; and yet, very simple. Those that master this art are rarely disappointed and achieve success with “real-world” results, such as attaining love, getting rid of unwanted situations, or getting that pay raise at your work.

One of the oldest bottle spells is the Break Up bottle. It typically contains the hair of a black dog and the hair of a black cat – so the people you want to break up will “fight like cats and dogs.” Bottle spells may also be used for helpful magic. A Compelling bottle is used to make someone keep a promise and a Fast Luck bottle spell is to get luck in a hurry. Come To Me , Reconciliation, Peaceful Home, Lavender Love , Prosperity and other bottle spells are all created in a similar way.

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Weight 65 g
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 14 cm


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