Animal Totem Candle Vintage

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The word totem derives from the Algonquian word odoodem [oˈtuːtɛm] meaning “(his) kinship group”. The carvings may symbolize or commemorate ancestors, cultural beliefs that recount familiar legends, clan lineages, or notable events. The poles may also serve as functional architectural features, welcome signs for village visitors, mortuary vessels for the remains of deceased ancestors, or as a means to publicly ridicule someone. They may embody a historical narrative of significance to the people carving and installing the pole. Given the complexity and symbolic meanings of these various carvings, their placement and importance lies in the observer’s knowledge and connection to the meanings of the figures and the culture in which they are embedded.

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Burn only on stable heat resistant surface. Keep out of drafts. Do not move candles while burning or if wax is hot. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Do not burn for more than 2 hours at a time.


The phrases “Busy as a Beaver” and “Eager Beaver” both started appearing around the 1300s based on observations of the Beaver in nature. This creature diligently creates and maintains its habitat. They achieve this by chewing on chosen trees until they fall, and the Beaver can put the logs in place; this simple natural aptitude gives Beaver the symbolism of having a good work ethic and being contentious.

So, when Beaver energy chooses to enter your life, be ready for a period of productivity. Beaver medicine is tied deeply to accomplishment through cooperation, resourcefulness, and building from the ground up. If the first log doesn’t fall into place correctly, don’t let that hold you down – find another option. There is always more than one way to approach obstacles!

Beaver spirit offers new horizons and hope, particularly with regard to your family and home. Those struggling with difficult living situations can rely on Beaver to transform reality and teach the lesson of gratitude.

Candles are used in religious rituals & for spiritual means as both functional & symbolic lights. It was believed that burning candles would aid in protection & invite helpful spirits into the home

1 vintage 70’s candle

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 5 cm


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