Baba Yaga’s Reliquary Box

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Invoke the wisdom of Baba Yaga, she is wise and is all knowing, all seeing and tells the whole truth to those who are brave enough to ask. Do you dare to enter the hut? This beautiful box was burned in her honour and etched within its wood is an ancient Slavic sigil that represents her. Inside in a mossy bed lie a ritually made strand of rowan berries that can be worked with ritually, used for protection, and to gain her wisdom and insight.

The sheer brilliance of Rowan Berries announce their presence wherever it may grow. The berries, associated with life and death, were believed to represent blood. It was also believed to be magical as it was created by Satan and despite the positive properties of it, in some places it was considered an unclean tree, connected with the devil, and witches. Russian peasants believed that a witch or werewolf, in order to turn into something, would somersault through rowan trees or stumps.

Few were made when they are gone they are gone.

Woodburned by The Witch, your box will come complete with a wildcrafted rowan berry strand, and a vial of Baba Yaga Ritual Oil.

 Please Note: Dried Rowan berries turn a darker colour as they age. Colours of the berries may not be exactly as pictured.

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Weight190 g
Dimensions21 × 21 × 12 cm


Baba Yaga, Baba Yaga!
I search for you in the birch forest.
I journey to your house
That stands on chicken feet,
At the edge of the underworld.

Teach me the ways of the Crone.
The ways of releasing and drawing,
The ways of living and dying.
The ways of strength and yielding.

You are the wild woman,
You are untamed and unapologetic.
Teach me your ways,
I am ready to learn

I stand before your hut,
And bravely face the door.
Within lies your oven,
Of death and rebirth.

I agree to burn away
All that is a burden.
Burn away in your oven
Of  death and rebirth.

My spirit is reborn.
My wild heart beats.
We rise above the forest
In your chariot that is a mortar.