Astrology 3 Book Set Vintage Occult

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Vintage Occult ~ 3 Book Set ~ Rare ~ Excellent Condition


Jacobson’s books are now out of print. These gems can only be purchased used.

For the serious student only. Excellent teaching tool.

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Vintage Occult ~ Rare

All Over The Earth Astrologically
In this book, we will consider that the reader is well acquainted with the terminology of astrology & knows what the horoscope or chart is & how to set it up. In the text of each chapter however we shall cite this writer’s textbooks as reference if required by the student for the mathematics & rules, etc. which underlie the work in hand. When we know the principles involved we are equipped to better understand the scriptures we are reading. We should remember that a person’s birth chart is his pattern & promise of what is to be. From that first moment they both move foreward together, so that we set up a progressed chart for each year & therein see how that promise is being fulfilled by the picture of his progress shown by the planets & cusps in the new places they have reached, because they are his scriptural representatives to be read. What we aim to do first is to delineate (read) the natal chart & thus weigh the native’s qualifications, his good points & his shortcomings as well as his opportunities & whether he will take advantage of them or be blind to them. Beginners should know the keywords for the planets & aspects as well as the general terminology (p. 189) making delineation easier & more certain in every case.

Foundation Of The Astrological Chart
This book can teach you the math you need to actually construct a chart. Granted, you will need access to an ephemeris, time zones /changes book, tables of diurnal planetary motion (What, you thought it was easy?) to work up a chart of your choice.

The Way Of Astrology

The author Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson was one of the great astrologers of the century. Entirely self-published, her method of publishing was to prepare a perfect typewritten master, reduce it in size, print on both sides & bind the result in a hard cover. She passed away in 1990 at the age of 97. Her friends have kept her memory & her books alive.”

This book contains is the author’s overview of astrology, covering natal astrology, progressions, elections, horary, forecasting, arabic parts and more specialized topics. See the photos of the Table of Contents for more.


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