Baltic Amber

Baltic amber amulets were worn as protection from diseases and against being killed in a battle. People believed that amber “pulled out” a disease from the body and “attracted” good luck – in the same way as it attracts small objects if you slightly rub it. It was believed that amber adornments averted misfortune, kept its owner safe from black magic, cast out devils, guarded one from the evil eye, brought luck in love, and made it’s owner stronger and cleverer.

In regions around Kyiv, in Volyn and the Carpathian region, women wore necklaces made of real amber as these semi-precious stones were mined in the areas. It is believed that amber brings health and makes a woman’s skin look smoother and more attractive. Large round beads were shaped with knives and strung on a long thread. Often such large amber beads were worn with strings of coral.

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