Instagram Promo

So here we are. I coded like a mad goblin and the site is all done!

As a thank you for supporting This Witch receive 20% off all products till May 30th 2013. Use coupon code “GrandOpening”

The instagram contest will still be running until June 15, 2013. Repost the photo located on the left and tag #TheWitcheryCa and make sure to follow me (@witcheryway) to get all those witchay goodies.

Other then that keep checking back, new product should be going up in the next few weeks including more Witchery Exclusives. I would love to hear how everything worked out for you! So please, all of you witchlets that buy something, email me and let me know how it went! Alternatively if you have any questions on anything you buy, please email me too! I don’t mind helping! And remember anytime you do your spellwork, make sure your intent is there.

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