Mini Magic 8 Ball - FAQ Page


Where is my package?
If you have received a completed order email with a tracking number that is not yet working, please check the status again on Tuesday or Friday evening. Parcels will not show any movement until they are picked up by Canada post on those days. I will no longer be responding to “Where is my package?” emails.

Does TheWitchery.Ca have Coupon Codes?

Want some deals? Then follow TheWitchery.ca on facebook and sign up for my email list since codes are not always shared in both places. I promise I don’t email that often and when I do it’s more than likely a coupon.

Are you that Witchery store / person that was in Calgary?
No I am not, as far as I can tell it was shut down in February of 2009. I purchased this domain in 2012 and I am the only one who has ever registered it, there have been no previous owners of the domain before me. The existence of the Calgary store was brought to my attention whern someone had messaged my facebook page asking me if I was them. Also, I have only ever been an online store (never a brick and mortar location) with absolutely no affiliations with the one that existed in Calgary. In addition to that, I am also not affiliated with The Witchery in Texas, that being said Clyde the owner is awesome sauce and you should check out them out too.

Where are my goodies coming from?
All your witchy items are being shipped from the interior plains of Canada. Shipping out of country can take up to 2 weeks to the USA and 4-6 internationally.
If you order a custom item that needs to be made on a full moon your item will ship one to two days after the next full moon.

What’s inside your Witch Bottles, oils, etc.?
I am sorry, I don’t share my recipes. That would be like me asking to read your diary.

I bought this item, thing, curio, spell kit, something from another person how do I use it / what do I do?
Please do not ask me questions about products that are not listed on my site. I will no longer be responding to these emails.

I am new to Witchcraft tell me what to read & do?
There are many different types of Witchcraft / Folk Magic so you need to keep reading and following whatever you find interesting. My path may differ from yours, but everyone’s journey is unique and there isn’t one correct way. As for what to read, any Books I like and sell are listed here when available. I will no longer be replying to these emails.

What currency are your prices in?
All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars. (That makes it even cheaper for you Americans! 😀 )

Can your teach me to be a witch?
Sorry, I am not looking to be a teacher at this time. All I can suggest is that you read everything you can get your hands on.

My question is not here??!!
Shoot me an email with your question and I can add it!



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Anyone found (or even not found or caught for that matter) shall be cursed, hexed, and or jinxed for stealing my artwork, photos or anything off this site. (I am looking at you TNT Network.) May your hair shrivel and fall from your head, may you suffer greatly, may everything that you do fail and go wrong. Your lives will be miserable, and ill fortune shall follow you till the ends of your days. I Hex You. Just ask for permission.. It’s not hard.

and p.s. I will file a DMCA takedown request.