Witch Bottle Well Wishes XL

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An antique bottle filled with well wishes, and aiding in protection. Place this battery in a room to strengthen the spirits and renew vitality. Perfect as a gift for those that are unwell and need a pick me up.

Wildcrafted Canadian Thistle from the pacific northwest, Fixed, Dressed, and Consecrated on my altar.

In Stock Witch Batteries / Witch Bottles were made on the Full Moon. New Batteries made every Full Moon.

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It may be placed in a window, used as an altar piece in your own ritual work, placed in your work space or buried beneath the home. It’s a small glass bottle, filled with charged and blessed herbs, anointed with oil, and sealed with wax. You can add more influence and your own energy by anointing it.



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Weight 383 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 2 cm


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