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Amuletic: carry for protection. Its smoke banishes & protects against evil spirits & spells. Associations with the Underworld. In hoodoo it is used to attract money & is an ingredient in money drawing.

4 Dram Bottle

You will receive one 2 inch by 3.5 inch packet filled with herbs.


Fumitory is an excellent herb to use on Hallow’s Eve, and is among the better uses for dispelling negative energies.

A herb of consecration, counter magick, protection, and purification. It has been recognized by herbalists since the dawning of the Age of Pisces for its ability to purify and cleanse, Fumitory has curious associations with the Underworld. It is an excellent herb to use on Hallow’s Eve, for Fumitory is among the better incenses for dispelling all negative energies. It may be used to cense a temple, but it is also useful as a wash, infused in water for the consecration of ritual tools. Fumitory lends itself to rituals of purification, such as the preparation of a new residence before moving in and unpacking. An interesting use for Fumitory is as incense prior to the Great Rite, where it is used to remove natural tendencies and attractions toward the sensual, thus allowing for better mental discipline and increased spiritual focus.

It is the smoke of this herb that is noted for magical properties, although it is considered an amuletic herb to carry for protection. The magical use of its incense is purification.  Fumitory is also used in exorcisms, as its smoke banishes and protects against evil spirits and spells.  An interesting note on this herb is that the plant is seldom visited by insects. In hoodoo it is used to attract money and is an ingredient in money drawing herbal blends.

4 Dram Bottle

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