Carnelian Mars Sphere & Stand

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Alleged to help in shielding & warding against enchantments / mind-reading psychic attacks. It cleanses & revitalizes auras, helps revitalize the energy of sacred sites. This stone is also said to promote peace & harmony & can be used as a focus for past life work.

Excellent for use in sex rites & love work to rekindle & increase passion that is waning.

Comes with Antique brass stand

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The superstition behind Spheres dates back over hundreds of years. Also known as the “witch ball” is said to ward off evil spirits and negative energy by capturing them in its interior. Unwanted spirits are mesmerized by the ball’s colors and reflection and enter the ball, being caught inside thus protecting the home.

The sphere as a shape is a primal and universal symbol that represents unity, completeness, and infinity. These are frequently used to level up self-awareness and a powerful mind. With closer connection to the spiritual nature of our complete self, help to highlight truthfulness, clear thinking, and a better unification of body, mind and spirit.

Whether used for crystal sphere gazing, in aura cleansing, meditation, and rituals or perhaps as ornamentation to a home,crystal and gemstone spheres release special energies that are made from the earth and the creature itself. A sphere releases energy in all directions proportionately. These make a very helpful instrument to see the wide-ranging picture of moving energy around and through the entire place.


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